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Silverlight Media Framework v1.1

(Released Jan-2010)

The SMFv1.1 project took the purpose-built, high-end video player developed for the NBC Olympics site, cleaned up and refactored the code, and made it available to Silverlight developers via an open source Ms-PL license. Microsoft has released a new version of the framework that re-architects the purpose-built player and turns it into a modular, flexible player framework with an extensive plugin API. For more information see the SMFv2 page.

SMFv1.1 can be downloaded from the "Downloads" page.


Player Elements

  • Play / pause
  • Rewind
  • Fast forward
  • Replay
  • Slow motion
  • Next chapter marker
  • Previous chapter marker
  • Timeline Scrubber
  • Current position / total position
  • Go to live
  • Bitrate meter
  • Volume
  • Full screen / restore

Advanced Features

  • Brand your player - Use Blend to re-invent how users experience your content!
  • Emphasize defining moments by embedding Markers in your Timeline.
  • Communicate and respond to bandwidth utilization by using the Bitrate element.
  • Integrate external data sources using the Data framework.
  • Deliver differentiated Live and On-Demand experiences.

SMFv1.1 Architecture Diagram


How-To Videos

Live Smooth Streaming Tutorial - Playback (added 3/1/10)

Embedding The Video Player

Styling And Templating The Video Player

Extending The Video Player

Out Of Stream Data Access

Using Application Settings

Creating Custom Timeline Markers

Building A Custom Bitrate Meter

Using SMF Logging

Live Mode vs. VOD

Hosting VOD using IIS Media Services

Additional Information

Silverlight Media Framework announcement and future thinking

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