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How To Create A Playlist With Captions

Step 1: Starting in Blend, with a Silverlight application that already has the SMFPlayer embedded, select the SMFPlayer and find the Playlist property under Common Properties.

Step 2: Click Playlist and “Add another item”. Configure this PlaylistItem to for some media by setting DeliveryMethod and MediaSource.

Step 3: On the Playlist item, find and click the button next to the Captions property, then select “Add another item”. This will create a caption region to hold our captions.

Step 4: Find and click the button next to the Children property, then select “Add another item”. From the “Select Object” dialog, select CaptionElement and click OK.

Step 5: Configure the Begin and End properties of the Caption Element to be the positions the caption should appear and disappear. Then set the Content to some text value.

Step 6: Click the “Ok” buttons to exit the dialog boxes and save changes. Open the XAML view and notice that the XAML for our Caption Region and Caption Element has been added to the Playlist Item.

Step 7: Run the application and turn on captions, then verify that the Caption is visible at the correct time.

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