Proactive license acquisition silverlight

Jan 18, 2016 at 3:14 PM

Our Silverlight application has been running for some years, playing PlayReady encrypted contents. License acquisition is accomplished via reactive license acquisition. We also use OnAcquireLicense event to manually modify the LAURL URL and then manually set the license via SetLicenseResponse method.

Our new client, is making a request to invalidate viewing license after 3 hour period (for example). I believe the only way to do this, is to add application logic to manually invalidate current license (after 3 hour) and then proactively request license again.

So my question is if this can be achieved ?
  • How can we invalidate license? call SetLicenseResponse with null does that?
  • How can we proactively get the license?
  • How can we do this without interrupting the viewing session?
Many thanks