Why is there no a ChapterslistItemChanged event?

Nov 13, 2011 at 5:55 AM
Edited Nov 13, 2011 at 5:56 AM

I followed the video on how to customize the player, except that instead of displaying the playlist on the left of the player I instead display the chapters list. The problem I am having is that when a chapter is clicked I need to catch the event and do some business elsewhere in my app. I see that the player has an the event PlaylistItemChanged to notify me when the playlist item changes but nothing along the same lines for chapters.

I also played around with TimelineMarkerReached to see if that would be triggered when selecting a new chapter. It fires when the app first loads and it fires if I select the first item in the chapters list. Other items in the list do not cause the event to fire.

Any ideas or is this just not supported? This is my last big hurdle to match spec and it is driving me nuts. So close....

The context of this player is it plays just one video on a product launch page. The chapters and timeline markers are both entered in the xaml like so.


    <media:PlaylistItem DeliveryMethod="AdaptiveStreaming" MediaSource="http://...">         
            <media:Chapter Begin="0:0:0" Title="A"/>
            <media:Chapter Begin="0:1:0" Title="B"/>
            <media:Chapter Begin="0:2:0" Title="C"/>
            <media:Chapter Begin="0:3:0" Title="D"/>
            <media:Chapter Begin="0:4:0" Title="E"/>

            <media:TimelineMediaMarker Begin="0:0:0" Content="A" AllowSeek="true"/>
            <media:TimelineMediaMarker Begin="0:1:0" Content="B" AllowSeek="true"/>
            <media:TimelineMediaMarker Begin="0:2:0" Content="C" AllowSeek="true"/>
            <media:TimelineMediaMarker Begin="0:3:0" Content="D" AllowSeek="true"/>
             <media:TimelineMediaMarker Begin="0:4:0" Content="E" AllowSeek="true"/>                        


Thank you in advance,


Nov 15, 2011 at 11:21 PM

And a related question as the video plays, why doesn't the chapter list indicate what the current chapter playing is?