Cannot play smil file on windows phone

Aug 1, 2011 at 7:27 PM

I needed a simple silverlight video player on Windows Phone and came across SMF. Using the simple tutorial, I have a working video player that can play on-demand videos and live streams fine.

However, when I play smil files, the video doesn't play correctly and is completely grayed out. When I play the individual videos specified in the smil file, the videos play fine.

Has anyone encountered this problem or know what might be the problem?

On an unrelated note, when the a video finishes playing, the current video becomes unresponsive, meaning the replay, play/pause, and the seek bar won't work. Most of the time this is the behavior, but sometimes it works as expected and I can replay the video after it finishes playing. Has anyone else experienced this on Windows Phone?

Thank you.