Change from On-Demand to Live Streaming

Mar 31, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Hi there!

I'm developing a one way video conferencing solution using Live Smooth Streaming.

I used your SMFPlayer and am currently having an issue that must be common:

- imagine I open a webpage containing a silverlight applet and the SMFPlayer pointing to an on-demand presentation;

- in the meantime, the Silverlight applet receives notice that a live stream is occurring and changes the current media source to a live publishing point;

- despite having started coding and pushing the stream into the publishing point, still nothing is showing on the SMFPlayer...

- I refresh the entire page (F5 + IsolatedStorage to keep the Silverlight applet state) and finally the SMFPlayer starts showing the captured video (with a 20 second delay I might add...)


How can I solve this? I've been working on the workaround using IsolatedStorage to maintain the state of the Silverlight applet upon refresh, however the page is not supposed to require refreshing to be able to show the captured video! Is this really the only way to do this?


Thanks in advance!