SMF V2 Player Missing Four CC Exception

Jul 27, 2010 at 7:44 PM

Hi All,

I created a silverlight adaptive streaming player by following

My player is able to play smooth streaming content being hosted locally on IIS with 7.5 media services patch. However, when i attempted pointing it to a live publishing point (live content being published by 'Pushencoder' app), the player fails with the following exception:

..."Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: Missing fourCC attribute at QualityLevel 0 in manifest"..

The error looks deceiving as the same content plays fine with the same player when streamed as a VoD  (and not LIVE)...which tells me that manifest need not necessarily be wrong. In any case, i checked the manifest and found that fourCC attribute value is "H264" for all Quality levels including 0.

Not sure what this error is all about and whether there is any work around.


Thanks in advance!