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Closed Captions Fail After First MediaStream


I'm experiencing an issue with Closed Captioning. I'm working on a streaming application where we have 'N' no of streaming live tv channels. My issue is whenever the playback begins for the first time after launching the app,Closed Caption display as expected but soon after i switch to other stream which has CC support then Closed Caption won't display thereafter. If I come back to the previous stream or any other channel stream and play it again, the captions don't work even though they were there at the start. I try to toggle the CC button on/off but it doesn't help.

To summarize, we're seeing the Closed Caption for the very first stream and then later switching to other stream displays no Closed Caption.

We're referring to v2.6 libraries of SMFPlayer since ours is a Silverlight 4 streaming application.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards