Customize Player for Windows Phone 8



I require to customize the player for use in a windows phone app.

I went through this article and started off.

Now, I can add controls to this player, but I would like them to be themed like them too.
I would like to add them to the StackPanel inside the first row of the main Grid in the Border, the StackPanel which contains ReplayButton & StopButton.

I tried something like this-
<Button x:Name="MyButton" Margin="10,0,10,0" Style="{TemplateBinding TransportBarButtonStyle}" Visibility="{Binding IsMyButtonVisible, Converter={StaticResource VisibleIfConverter}, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}">
        <mmppf:MyButtonBehavior ViewModel="{Binding ViewModel, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}"/>
But obviously "MyButtonBehavior" & "IsMyButtonVisible" do not exist in the Microsoft.PlayerFramework assembly.

So how can I add more buttons and also properties like Visibility and their icons to the player?
I am not efficient with blend but can follow directions if provided.

Thank You!