Count how many times video opened

May 27, 2013 at 6:49 PM
I have mvc web project and smf player project.

I send from Web project to player project, using JSON data, video which should be play and videos which add in the playlists. In first project before JSON send data I have a simple count function which enters into the database how many times a video is opened.

Example, if I have a list of five videos in page and user clicks on first, function add +1 on first video, JSON send data, playlist is created, player is running.
But, if now user opens playlist in player and clicks to another video from playlist, count, of course, does not working.

Is it possible to create an event that would counts (calls function from code behind (in this case how to connect database from first project to second project)) or someway send back data about which is video played from playlist (with, for example, AJAX)?

Another solution would be to PlaylistItem replace with href link, if it is possible…

Thanks in advanced