Aug 3, 2012 at 2:19 AM

Basically going to link you to the issue I created in the SL forum.

Progressive Download.

After about an hour or so of playback, the App collects an UnhandledException. Short call stack that goes immediately into system.Windows.dll. (The details are in that post).

Interestingly, if I catch the UHE in the debugger, and manually set e.Handled to true in there, the video continues playback instead of whiting-out the player.

But... the thumb (on the playback slider) has stopped moving, and the download progress track stops moving... though I can keep playing the movie well beyond the end of the progress track.

I've also noticed that when I break back in to the code and check to see if the Download progress property has changed, it hasn't. It seems like most of the events from the plugin stop firing, or something.


Any help in figuring this out would be well appreciated.



Chad Lehman

PB Systems/20th Century Fox

Aug 6, 2012 at 4:30 PM

This sounds familiar...

I've experienced many such crashes in my players. I haven't been able to completely fix the issue, but I've got it considerably less now. The things I've done which seem to improve this (from easiest to hardest) :

- removing several not-that-useful SMF parts, that are causing exceptions in some cases (Logging, Diagnostics, LocalConnection).

- updating to Silverlight 5.1 / SMF 2.6

- fixing as many leaks as possible (memory, "event" leaks ie multiple subscriptions, ...)

- reducing synchronisation between threads, simplifying threading model, etc...


Good luck!

Aug 6, 2012 at 9:55 PM



Thank you for the reply. 

We've just upgraded to the latest version of the SMF Player, and integrated it with our code. I'm still seeing the unhandled exception, unfortunately.

We will look at the memory issues in the Red Gate ANTS profiler... it does seem like the code subscribes to many event handlers (inherited from an offshore team)

The sync between threads is an interesting point; the Output Window on the latest 'crash' with Silverlight 5 player displayed a ThreadAbort exception which may have had something to do with the UHE.

Thanks again for the information. Will keep this topic updated.


Chad Lehman

PB Systems/20th Century Fox