Unable to create IMediaPlugin on Windows Phone 7

Jul 12, 2012 at 12:11 AM


I seem to be running into issues creating an IMediaPlugin for a Windows Phone app.  I've added references to my visual studio project, verified that the binaries are being included in my XAP, and created a class that implements both IMediaPlugin and IPlugin.  I've also added the following attributes to my class:


[ExportMediaPlugin(PluginName = "VideoStreamingPlugin", PluginDescription = "Sample WMP style streaming", PluginVersion = "2.2012.0605.0", SupportedDeliveryMethods = DeliveryMethods.ProgressiveDownload | DeliveryMethods.Streaming, SupportedMediaTypes = new string[] { })]
    public class VideoStreamingPlugin : IMediaPlugin, IPlugin



However, when I launch the page hosting the SMFPlayer control, my constructor is not invoked, and hence, my plugin is never loaded.  I've implemented the same plugin via a Silverlight app, and it's working as expected there.  What else do I need to do to get a custom IMediaPlugin functioning for Windows Phone?  I'm trying to do this using SMF v2.7.