Javascriptbridge only works partially

Jan 3, 2012 at 9:18 AM


I'm having a trouble in a player i have developed. For some reason it seems that when i set scriptablename onPlayerReady gets called with a valid reference, but any events for functions doesnt seem to work at all. Its only for a particular player, and i have tried removing all playerspecific code, but for that particular player, it somehow doesn't work. Has anyone run into something similar? Or has any idea what is causing it?

I have tried compiling the source and added some debug to the Javascriptbridge, and the functions there gets called. For instance to stop i added


This works in a way, it actually gives the correct name of the class, but calling _player.Stop() doesnt work (it does get called, because i tried overloading it and doing a messagebox, it just doesnt stop the player). Could there be a permission issue?