Quickest path to skin the streaming player ?

Aug 5, 2011 at 4:48 PM

Hi, i would like to change the appearance of some elements of the streaming player. I've stopped Silverlight at 3.0 so i'm a bit lost in this big solution.

I've downloaded, opened and build (in microsoft-smf-src-2.2011.0410.1) the "Sample" project and the "Players.SmoothStreaming" project. Obviously i'm interested in skinning in the Players.SmoothStreaming project as the sample project is very big and contains lots of different things unrelated to each other. And if i've understood correctly, the player activate some features automatically when "plugins" assembly are referenced in the project.

In the sample project, there are some sample skins (in StylingAndTemplating folder), and instructions of how to create a new one using Blend 4.
But how do you create the first skin in the "Players.SmoothStreaming" project ?
I've tryed opening it in blend with no luck (the app.xaml is empty, and there is no resources).

I remember quite well styling and templating controls in Xaml/Blend, but should i start in the "Players.SmoothStreaming" project ?

Or should i start a blank project, add the smf:Player control into the main view, and edit template parts ?
If yes, i must recode the xap parameters. And I would like to avoid that.

Is the "Players.SmoothStreaming" project not open sourced ? (and intentionally left blank ?)

Aug 8, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Check out these links I've posted before on skinning:

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