SMFPlayer obtains license but doesn't start playback

Jul 27, 2011 at 7:17 PM
Edited Jul 27, 2011 at 7:18 PM


I am working on modifying a silverlight-app created using SMF 1.1 (MediaElement) to use the latest MMP-PF 2.5 using SMFPlayer etc.

So far, I have commented out huge amount of code **sigh** and integrated the rest to to a customized class derived from SMFPlayer.  

I am able to playback unencrypted streams with no problem.

With encrypted content, the LicenseAcquirer goes about obtaining the license from the correct license-server.. after that, the playback doesn't begin :(. 

The player assembly interfaces with the javascript for playback. In the javascript modules, we obtain the authorization token and create the customData for the LicenseAcquirer.


The call-flow looks like this:

  1. user selects the video to play from the Playlist in the "Javascript".
  2. The media-URL is passed onto the silverlight app.
  3. the silverlight-app calls back javascript to get the DRM-token to be set in the custom-data.
  4. Silverlight app performs the following
    • Create a SMF's Playlist item and sets the media-url, and deliverymethod.adaptivestreaming.
    • create a standard LicenseAcquirer object and set the ChallengeCustomData as necessary.
    • add the playlist item to the SmfPlayer.Playlist.
    • Set the SMFPlayer.CurrentPlaylist Item to the newly created playlist-item.
  5. Observe wireshark capture. 


The Player plays the unencrypted content just fine.

The code looks like this.

            public virtual void setPlaylistItem(PlaylistItem item) 
                item.LicenseAcquirer = new LicenseAcquirer
                    ChallengeCustomData = CustomData,
                // Reset the CurrentPlaylist Item to the first element in SMFPlayer.
                if (this.Playlist.Count == 1)
                    this.CurrentPlaylistItem = item;

Could anyone see anything wrong in my approach?