Hooking into MarkerReached events through JavascriptBridge in a live stream.

Jun 27, 2011 at 3:27 PM


We are desperately trying to pick up MarkerReached events that should fire once a stream reaches a Caption sent from the Microsoft Expressions Encoder Pro application as a script command during live encoding.  Is this possible with the smf player?  We've tried to override the OnMediaOpened to push through the first AvailableCaptionStreams entry to the SelectedCaptionStream with no luck as per http://smf.codeplex.com/discussions/254342

We've also tried to hook into the MarkerReached event through the script bridge for markers that were embedded into a video (not running a live stream).  These also don't seem to fire.  The code used was: 

 Player.MarkerReached = function (o) {

I can get the MediaOpened event to work with this code:

 Player.MediaOpened = function (o) {
So I don't think it is a script problem.

The MarkerReached event does not seem to fire with captions sent to the player through the encoder in the live stream either.

I am not a Silverlight developer and know very little about it, I develop using JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC 3 and due to tight deadlines on our project I cannot take the time to learn to use Silverlight at the moment.  I need a very quick and easy solution to this problem, or in the very least, a pointer in the right direction.  I believe that I've exhausted every possible Google search regarding this issue, and I'm hoping someone on here can help us out.

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