Captions dont start with the video

Apr 14, 2011 at 2:52 PM

Im having issues with the captions. I'm using EE4 SP1 Pro to encode my files. Right now I am just testing so I am using the windows 7 Wildlife video and attaching 2 srt files under text (inside EE4 encoder) as captions one is French the other is English. i'm encoding for sliverlight IIS Smooth Streaming VC-1 IIS Smooth Streaming HD 720 VBR. As this is just a test i'm using the quick Silver template(will customize later). I click encode and wait for the project to finish and run the preview in browser. Everything works fine except when the video starts i dont see captions. The video starts low quality of course and then levels out. once the quality levels out the captions start. if i watch the video then play again the captions run the whole time as its cached... my question is how do i fix this so that my captions (must be multi-lingual) run from the start of the video?