SMF2.3 live manifest caching issues

Feb 8, 2011 at 11:59 AM


I've just upgraded to SMF v2.3 and SmoothStream Media Client v1.5 and I'm now experiencing a problem with live smooth streams. It seems the manifest is being cached somewhere but I cannot see where.

To reproduce the bug run up SMFv2.3 and starting looking at a live stream for a while. Now view a different stream and now return back to view the live stream. I've found when you go back to view the live stream it starts at the same point as when you first viewed it. After some investigation I've found this is because it never refetchs the client manifest for the live stream from the server, so it must be retrieving it from a cache somewhere. But I've tried clearing my temporary internet files and also the application storage for silverlight and still it doesn't send out a HTTP request for a new version of the manifest.

Has anyone else experienced these kindof problems and found a solution?