SMF playlist in app.

Oct 11, 2010 at 10:29 AM


I have app that showing for each user different list of available video, and I want to pass video source to player from aspx page.

I'm new with SMF and video streaming scenarios, so I watched some tutorials and figure out that there is few possibilities to do this. I try something with XML file, but I'm not sure how to check which user is logged in, because I embed SMF player into silverlight app and then include .xap file to .aspx page.

I wonder if there is an control that can be used to play smooth streaming video, or does anyone have any other suggestion.

Also, for me is important somehow to hide video source path from user (not visible in HTML page source).

I hope that someone understand what I want to do.

Thnx in advance. Regards.

Nov 11, 2010 at 6:26 PM


I develop a similar site that allows users access to certain protected video files. One way of sending playlist information is to pass the list of video files to the xap using the object's initparams parameter. I can give you code samples of how to do this if you are in the ASP.NET MVC world. I think you are referring to ASP.NET Web Forms, but if it helps, I have written a blog post on how to make Silverlight interaction easier in ASP.NET MVC. 

As for protecting the URL in view source, you can't do much to hide that URL unless you construct it in the xap. You can, however have that URL under an IIS application and mediate who can access those files. Alternatively, if you are concerned about users being able to modify the URL to find more videos in an unprotected model, you could encrypt the URL you pass into the xap.